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Wellmark Series W7702 Back Pressure Regulator

These regulators are excellent and economical devices for automatic relief of pressure in liquid service. They are actuated by static upstream pressure, which causes the valve to open at set pressures. The degree of opening will vary and increase in proportion to the increase in pressure over the opening pressure. The Wellmark BPR is offered in a 2" size. The 2" is suitable for pressure settings up to 1500 psi.



Series 2001PR "Top Gun" Pressure Regulator

In the tradition of providing the best of the best, Wellmark has developed the Top Gun series for accurate reduction of high pressure gas before it enters the distribution system. It is designed for inlet pressures up to 1500 psi and outlet pressures from 27-500 psi.


Series 2002PR "Mighty Gun" Pressure Regulator

This self-contained pressured reducing regulator is designed for flexibility and is for low and high pressure systems. It can be used with natural gas, air, or other gases. It is primarily used to regulate pressure and volume to fuel gas valves or production instrumentation on oil and gas process equipment.

Series W67R Pressure Regulator

The W67R is standard equipment for pneumatic liquid level controls and valve positioners. In addition, it can be used for general purpose control of gas or air to other pneumatic instruments.

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