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Ratigan #  & #  - Rod Wrench & Combination Wrench

#231 Back-off Wrench #60 Snap-type Rod or Coupling Wrench
#103 & #136 Wheel-Type Safety Rod Wrench #129 Polished Rod Grip Wrench

Ratigan #60 Snap-Type Rod or Coupling Wrench - Heat treated for safety, speed, and efficiency, and made to fit any size sucker rod or sucker rod coupling. Specify size of sucker rod and size of flat of coupling when ordering.

Ratigan #129 Polished Rod Grip Wrench - The Ratigan 129 is a star-head socket wrench which is applied to the head of the screw in eight different positions. It is 35" long, giving plenty of leverage to tighten screws in the grips, and is made fo 1-1/4" square. The wrench is strong enough to allow two men to exert full strength with no chance of slipping, and the extra leverage provided enables the operator to tighten the screw much easier.

Ratigan #103 & #136 Wheel-Type - The Ratigan Wheel-Type Rod Wrenches are designed especially for safety, speed, and convenience and specifically for twisting a string of sucker rods. When mechanical trouble in the well makes the unscrewing of the rods a difficult and dangerous task, the Ratigan Wheel Wrech should be used to provide the solution to the problem and to guarantee absolute safety to the roustabouts. There is ample room for three men to positions themselves around the wheel wrench. The body of the wrench will clamp rods from 1/2" to 1-1/4" inclusive. These wrenches are also available in a 1-1/2"-only size. The entrance to the body of the wrench should be closed at all times. A threaded, movable sleeve closes the wheel.



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